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At Providence Medical Center we provide top-notch vein and arterial care with minimally invasive treatments. All treatments are performed as outpatient procedures and require less recovery time. Learn more about how we treat the following conditions. 

Specialties and Services

Aortic Disease

Our team uses endovascular repair to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms. This type of repair is minimally invasive, meaning only small incisions are required and recovery time is much shorter than if open surgery were used.

Carotid Disease

Carotid angiograms are performed to determine the level of narrowing or blockage in the carotid arteries. It is an invasive test that also helps to evaluate risk of future stroke. Carotid stenting, a minimally invasive procedure, can be performed to fix narrowing of the arteries.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Venograms are used to diagnose DVT. These X-ray tests allow your physician to find blood clots and are more accurate than ultrasound tests. If needed, your physician will utilize thrombolytic therapy to dissolve the clot and mitigate the serious side effects of DVT.

Dialysis Access

We provide the full spectrum of access care for dialysis patients including fistulogram, fistula creations, and catheter placements or replacements.


A sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that treats hyperhidrosis by clamping the sympathetic nerve to alleviate symptoms.

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Narrowing in the arteries of the legs that may lead to pain in the legs with walking, or even poorly healing wounds in severe cases.

A peripheral angiogram is an X-ray test that allows your physician to find narrow or blocked areas in the arteries that supply blood to your legs. This test allows your physician to determine whether surgical treatment is necessary.



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