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Welcome to Wayne, Nebraska

Come see all that we have to offer here. You will find that Wayne combines the best in modern living with traditional American values. This neighborly region possesses a healthy, progressive spirit and open friendliness, nestled in one of the most scenic spots in all of Nebraska. Residents describe this part of northeast Nebraska as an easy-going place to live, work and play.

Quiet neighborhoods surrounded by beautiful rural vistas make up a large part of the area; residents have daily access to the great outdoors. There is also a thriving commercial district that offers many advantages to businesses. Our city has a strong economic heritage and is widely regarded as one of the best places in the state for relocation and new enterprise. Excellent public and private schools provide the best education for all students. Wayne County is dynamic and vibrant, with steady commercial growth and thoughtful planning by civic leaders.

Wayne County is located just close enough to larger cities to be convenient for the excitement of city life. It is also remote enough to let you spend quiet evenings relaxing at home. So come discover the best that Nebraska has to offer, discover Wayne, America.

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