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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We've Got Your Back, Neck, Knees, Shoulders, and More!

Orthopedic rehabilitation is used to treat any injury or condition that is affecting a patient’s muscles, bones, cartilage, joints, tendons, or ligaments.

Providence Medical Center therapists perform orthopedic evaluations on patients with acute athletic and work-related injuries, joint conditions, and muscular dysfunctions.

Providence therapists have extensive experience in the rehabilitation of total joints. Our therapists work one-on-one with patients on an inpatient and outpatient basis following joint replacement surgery at Providence Medical Center or another facility. We provide one-on-one care and focus. The diagnosis and path to recovery will always be clearly communicated.

Our therapists establish individual treatment programs based on diagnosis, assessment findings, and goals. The staff of therapists and assistants incorporates hands-on treatment techniques and utilizes equipment in the three outpatient clinics. The therapy staff also has access to exercise equipment in the fully equipped Wellness Center located at Providence Medical Center.

Common Orthopedic Conditions or Diagnoses We Treat

  • Gait training
  • Hand therapy
  • Orthopedic reconstruction
  • Post-operative arthroscopic surgery
  • Post-operative orthopedic trauma
  • Musculoskeletal impairments of the spine, upper and lower extremities
  • Spine therapy
  • Upper extremity injuries


Therapy Services
1200 Providence Rd
Wayne, NE 68787
Phone: 402-375-7937
Fax: 402-375-7956

Laurel Therapy Services
699 Cedar Ave
Laurel, NE 68745
Phone: 402-256-9551
Fax: 402-256-9564

Wakefield Therapy Services
308 Ash St
Wakefield, NE 68784
Phone: 402-287-1005
Fax: 402-287-1119