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Neurological Rehabilitation

Helping To Better Manage Your Whole Nervous System

Neurological Rehabilitation is a medical process in which the goal is to aid recovery from a nervous system injury, and to minimize and/or compensate for any functional alterations resulting from it.

Providence Medical Center offers physical and occupational therapy services geared toward neurological recovery. Patients who have experienced neurological damage, such as stroke or head injury, or have a chronic neurological disease (multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease), may benefit from a complete assessment of his/her functional abilities. Specialized therapy techniques by trained therapists maximize a client’s potential for independence and safety in the home and the community.

A combination of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy may be necessary to provide a comprehensive treatment program. Maximum functional recovery is the aim of each of our physical and occupational therapists. Areas of focus include activities of daily living, balance, and ambulation.

Our certified clinicians also oversee a program specifically designed for people who have Parkinson’s Disease. People who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease can experience slow movements, poor posture, shuffled steps, and falls. GSVT BIG is an intensive program involving several exercises at the clinic and at home to help people regain normal movement and to keep it. Studies have shown that these exercises can help people keep normal movements for up to 2 years.

You may also learn more about the BIG program at lsvtglobal.com.


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