Providence Community Pharmacy

Re-Opening Guidelines

  1. ADJUSTED HOURS: Monday-Thursday 5:00AM – 8:00PM; Friday 5:00AM – 7:00PM; Saturday 8:00AM – 3:00PM; Sunday 12:00-6:00PM
  2. SCREENING: This will continue to be one of the most important guidelines that we ask you to follow. You will be screened every time you enter the Wellness Center. We will be asking you a few questions including Have you traveled anywhere in the past 2 weeks, do you have a fever, sore throat, or unusual shortness of breath. We will also be taking your temperature with a forehead scanner. WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT COME TO THE WELLNESS CENTER IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY SYMPTOMS! If your temperature is not between 96.0-99.0 you will be asked to leave. If you are lower than 96.0 or between 99.0-99.9 you will be asked to sit a few minutes and re-check.
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING: All members must maintain 6 feet between themselves and staff at all times. This includes at the front desk if you are checking in or waiting to check in, walking around the track, on equipment, in the locker rooms, etc. If you walk in and there is someone at the desk please respect the 6 foot rule and stay back. We will try and move you through quickly.
  4. HAND HYGIENE: Hand Hygiene will be required upon entering and exiting the Wellness Center. We have a bottle of hand sanitizer on the front desk and ask that as you ENTER and EXIT our facility, please use it.
  5. MASKS: Members are NOT REQUIRED to wear a mask while working out, as long as they maintain social distancing at all times. We ask that you please wear your mask in and out of the facility. The exception will be those that require hands on assistance or any member of our Senior Strength group classes and Rock Steady Boxing Classes. If you cannot maintain 6 feet between you and your trainer or other members, you will be required to wear a mask during your workout. If you have questions about this or think you might be someone that needs to wear a mask, please verify with Heidi.
  6. CLEAN EQUIPMENT BEFORE/AFTER EACH USE. We ask that you clean each piece of equipment before and after each use using the wipes in the dispensers on the walls. We will be going around multiple times throughout the day and disinfecting equipment as well as closing early every evening to thoroughly disinfect and closing on Sundays to clean and disinfect. We ask that you do your part in cleaning everything before and after you touch it. If you see that we have just disinfected a piece of equipment and it is wet, please leave it to air dry. Our cleaners have dwell times of 5 minutes and 10 minutes, and the solution needs to dry completely to work properly. So please do not get on a piece of equipment that is wet from us cleaning it or try and dry it off. Let it dry and come back to it.
  7. Water fountains will remain OUT OF ORDER. Our Culligan machine is still available for your use and we encourage you to bring your own water bottles and/or fill a cup at the Culligan water cooler and throw it away.
  8. NO LOITERING. I know I’ve said this already, and we hate not getting to catch up with all of you… but we ask that you get in, workout and leave in a timely manner. We expect you to show up at your designated time you signed up for, get your workout done and then leave as soon as you are done. Please know that we all have missed you and we would LOVE to catch up, but right now is not the time. There will be a limited number of chairs available and they are only there for you to use while you are changing shoes.
  9. Every other piece of cardio equipment will be marked out of order and we will rotate these every day. We know that some of you have your ‘favorite’ treadmill or bike, but we ask that please follow the signs and do not get on or touch a piece of equipment that has an out of order sign on it. If you would like to ride the Expresso bike and the out of order sign is on the one you would like, please ask our staff to move them. We just can’t have 2 people on them at the same time, but it doesn’t matter which bike you prefer As for the weight machines that are not 6 feet apart, we are going to be walking around supervising the facility making sure members stay 6 feet apart, but if you see someone is on the outer thigh machine and you want to get on the inner thigh machine and they are right next to each other, please stay 6 feet away and wait your turn. We will give you a warning or two, but if you cannot follow this rule you will be asked to leave. Because of this rule, we ask that you do not sit on any piece of equipment for too long. Be respectful of others and their time. As for spotting, we ask that you please lift weights that you can do safely and not require a spotter. The use of a spotter is a clear violation of the 6-foot rule so please adjust your workouts accordingly. I know this is a huge bummer to some of you, but we are doing our best and we have CDC guidelines to follow. Again, if you do not abide by this rule you will be asked to leave.
  10. Group Fitness Classes. Many of our group fitness classes classes have started back up at PWC. Please see our Group Fitness Class Brochure for a current class schedule. Here are some of the Group Fitness Guidelines we will be enforcing:
    1. Classes will be limited to 10 participants
    2. Participants must pre-register for classes either via the App or calling ahead to reserve a spot
    3. 6 feet workout distancing must be maintained in all classes
    4. Please clean equipment BEFORE & AFTER use
    5. All equipment will be disinfected after each use
    6. Some class times will be adjusted to allow for cleaning in between classes
    7. Some specific equipment (i.e. yoga straps and bolsters) will not be allowed to be used for now since they can not be properly disinfected. If you are interested in having these for class, you can purchase and bring in your own. Please understand that we are doing the BEST we can under the circumstances, and we hope that you will be excited to at least get in and start doing your workouts again. We are also the screening entrance for the therapy and rehab departments so there may be times that there are a few people in line. We will do our best to get you in quickly and out quickly. Have patience with us as we learn our new ‘norm’ for the next few weeks/months. We can’t wait to see you

Providence Wellness Center

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